Wouter Dhert

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Wouter Dhert

Amsterdam Moments

de Wouter Dhert (Pays-Bas)

Wouter Dhert is a Dutch photographer with a primary interest in people/street photography. Next to his photography work he holds a degree in medicine and works in academia and as executive coach. During the past years he attended several photography workshops and received in 2021 a certificate the Amsterdam Academy for Photography.

With this series I focus at some abandoned moments in Amsterdam as a visual love letter to the cities’ inhabitants. Multicultural, diverse and living together at so many different places. A (partial) view of Amsterdam as it is, not in the way many visitors expect it to be.

Portfolio du workshop Créer une série photographique narrative en street photography avec Ed Kashi, Octobre 2023.

Rencontre avec CLAUDINE DOURY,
Photographe, Member de l'Agence Vu' et de la galerie In Camera

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