Undine Groeger

Undine Groeger

1936-2016 Unable to forget Franco, a photojournalistic work and part of a series that aims to reconcile the past in the present through photography -Within Our Walls and Beyond by Undine Groeger

de Undine Groeger (Suisse)

During a 4-day photojournalistic workshop with Ed Kashi at Eyes in Progress in Barcelona, Spain, (April 2015), I researched and documented the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War. Through photography my aim was to honour stories of survivors of the losing Spanish Republican side that have been silenced for almost 8 decades. Full story here in catalan or english.

Portfolio du workshop Photojournalisme avec Ed Kashi, Mars 2014.

Vidéo-conférence avec ELISABETH BIONDI,
Editrice graphique et commissaire indépendante



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