Mel McVeigh

Mel McVeigh

This is not a love song

de Mel McVeigh (Australie / Espagne)

Algorithmic affections and a shortcut crush, a soft and gentle meeting at your place
A virtual valentine to be tender, your first tinder date, our first meet

There will always be a catch.

In this series This is not a love song, the first encounter, where nothing is known.

Stephane and I met on Tinder, in Barcarès, France. We are two strangers (Belgian and Australian) in a foreign land. An algorithm brought us together for a delicate moment, with familiar pasts and futures, running towards and away from all we both know.

This story is a promise of something. Soft and awkward, it is where that first moment starts with a sweet caress and a wind that blows through us towards a poetic but ultimate end. For one private moment, we exist together in that space in-between.

In a love affair, most people seek an eternal homeland. Others but very few, eternal voyaging.

Portfolio du workshop Réaliser une série photographique avec Claudine Doury, Octobre 2020.

Vidéo-conférence avec NINETEENSIXTYEIGHT,
Photography platform representing new talents and facilitating curatorial collaborations 

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