Kelly Donaldson

Kelly Donaldson


de Kelly Donaldson (Etats-Unis)

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When I met Estera and Sorina; two young girls from the gypsy circus, I was transported to a place of youth where creative intuition once poured out of me. Captivated by the pigment of their eyes and the depth of their souls, I was drawn into an alternate reality occupied by unique smells, cats, hair dryers, melted wax, and this idea that everything I knew was relative to the human experience I’d had until now. When language is an obstacle, our messages to one another become more simple. With eye contact and movement, we created these images together in a language of our own. I call this series “dragonfruit”, because as a foreigner, I found this project to be a bit prickly from the outside, but on the inside, I discovered depth and profound color.

Portfolio du workshop L’Oeil Sensible avec Claudine Doury, Novembre 2019.

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