Jean-Christophe Guillaume

Jean-Christophe Guillaume

Photographie narrative

de Jean-Christophe Guillaume (Belgique)

Born 1980 in Namur (Belgium). I studied Photography at the HELB-Inraci Brussels. After a four months Internship at the Galerie VU’ in Paris I went to Latin America where I used to live for 2 years in order to achieve a first photographic essay on the migration flow towards North America.

I am actually working as a photojournalist for 2 national newspapers and on several personal projects. My work is widely influenced by the « new topographics » that took place in the 70’s in USA, by photojournalism in general and daily life. After the Mexico-USA essay, I ‘ve recieved a grant that allowed me to attend the Barcelona Masterclass with JE Atwwood to improve the narrative way of buiding a story.

Portfolio du workshop Photographie Narrative avec J-E Atwood, Octobre 2012.

Revue écrite par PAULINE VERMARE,
Commissaire adjointe, International Center of Photography

Ce texte est disponible en anglais.

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