Guilherme Proença

Guilherme Proença

Hang in there

de Guilherme Proença (Portugal)

Guilherme Proença lives and works in Lisbon. In 2020 graduated from Lisbon’s Fine Art College (FBAUL) in Art and Multimedia, a course that is known for its practices in analog photography.
As a photographer, he’s been developing studies on private property and the relationship between people and their belongings. Also works as a cinematographer and image assistant in narrative and commercial films, past clients include Nestle, Pantene and Sonae Sierra.
Hang in there

I like to find harmony in the ordinary. With photography I try to build compositions and relationships between photographs that ask questions about property and the ideia of something belonging to someone.

The series I created for this workshop illustrates situations of tension and attachment. We see things and situations right at the point of breaking or detaching. These are placed next to others that seem to already have passed that state and are now in a state of rest. The series also has a circular characteristics that can be read as a metaphor for the cycle of life and death.

Portfolio du workshop Réaliser une série photographique avec Todd Hido, Juin 2022.






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Hang in there

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