Florin Popa

01FlorinAmsterdam Sep2022
Florin Popa

Green Borders

de Florin Popa (Belgique)

I am a photographer based in Brussels, Belgium. I use the language of photography to tell stories about human diversity and difference. I am interested in how we construct narratives about our own identity, what is normal, and what is outside the normal. I am also interested in how people relate to their natural environment. I like to work on longer-term projects that involve contact with persons or places facing a particular challenge. I am currently working on a project concerning people on the autism spectrum and the way they find their way in a world that is still poorly equipped to accept and accommodate their differences.

Portfolio du workshop Photojournalisme avec Ed Kashi, Septembre 2022.

Rencontre avec CLAUDINE DOURY,
Photographe, Member de l'Agence Vu' et de la galerie In Camera

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