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Elvira Smit

Cities can feel lonely too

de Elvira Smit (Pays-Bas)

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People sometimes feel lonely, but cities can feel lonely too.
We know our cities by their popular places – the places everyone loves to go. There we linger, take photos, meet other people, and awe at historical buildings.
But then there are the « in between » places, the places almost no ones goes. When we do accidentally pass them, we’re on our way to somewhere else.

Now, that feels lonely to a city.

This series is a dedication to those lonely places and the lost souls that – for a short time – inhabited them.

Portfolio du workshop Photojournalisme avec Ed Kashi, Juillet 2019.

Rencontre avecJENNY SMETS,
Consultante en photographie, éditrice photo. Commissaire et éducatrice.

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