Bjørn Olav Hammerstad

Paris 01
Bjørn Olav Hammerstad

Photo series

de Bjørn Olav Hammerstad (Norvège)

This short series of seven pictures was shot in Paris November 2021 as a part of the workshop with Anders Petersen in intuitive photography.

I photographed people I met on the street, people I thought was interesting. I tried to capture a facial expressions that spoke to me.
I also photographed a few things I found peculiar, like the toaster that would not fit in the garbage bin to the yellow Picachu standing alone at the sidewalk.
Anyway, It was the man laying on the street that made the strongest impression on me.

I´m a photojournalist in the Norwegian, national newspaper Dagen. I have been shooting some fashion, quite a lot street photography and off course press photography. I live in Bergen, at the rainy and windy west coast of Norway. I started to photograph with my fathers Ricoh-camera when I was 14 years old. But I never got seriously into on photography before I was around 40 years old.

Portfolio du workshop Photographie intuitive avec Anders Petersen, Novembre 2021.

Vidéo-conférence avec DARIA BONERA,
Directrice de l'Agence de photographie DB

Paris 01

Paris 07

Paris 06

Paris 05

Paris 04

Paris 03

Paris 02

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