Alison De Mars

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Alison De Mars

Portfolio / Nocturne

de Alison De Mars (Suède)

From an early age, I have always loved strange stories, from the Brothers Grimm to David Lynch. It was only natural that this fascination would become an element in my own photography. I constantly find myself exploring the beauty in melancholy, in all things imperfect, forgotten and wilting, sometimes venturing into darker, more disturbing territory to see what I can find.

The first series of images shown here is a collection of my own strange stories. In these photographs, I often use the people close to me as actors, while forests, old houses and other are used to set the stage – or to play the main role.

The second series, Nocturne, was produced during a workshop with Todd Hido in November 2017. Here, I was faced with the challenge of photographing a series of models, each within a very limited time frame and a constrained environment. In order to create a narrative that I felt could reflect my own style of photography, I chose to use the models as my actors, set against a backdrop of fragmented shots of night-time Berlin.

Portfolio du workshop Intimate distance avec Todd Hido, Novembre 2017.

Vidéo-conférence avec CLAUDINE DOURY,
Photographe, Member de l'Agence Vu' et de la galerie In Camera


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LOT #107

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