Alain Schneuwly

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Alain Schneuwly

Amsterdam unplugged

de Alain Schneuwly (Emirats arabes unis)

I am a non professional street photographer based in Dubai since January 2022. Over the last 30 years, I had the opportunity to travel and photograph many places and people around the world.

I attended an Ed Kashi workshop in Amsterdam to enhance my street photography storytelling skills. It’s my first time photographing based on a theme – in this case, the symbols on Amsterdam’s streets. While I’m experienced in photography, crafting a compelling and credible story quickly on a specific theme is a new and fascinating way to share my perspective with others.

Portfolio du workshop Créer une série photographique narrative en street photography avec Ed Kashi, Octobre 2023.

Vidéo-conférence avec CLAUDINE DOURY,
Photographe, Member de l'Agence Vu' et de la galerie In Camera

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