Formations en immersion

Eyes in Progress propose un format de formation dans le cadre duquel, pendant une semaine, neuf participants seront en immersion totale afin de produire une série photographique sous la houlette d’un grand photographe.

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Hang in there

de Guilherme Proença (Portugal)

Guilherme Proença lives and works in Lisbon. In 2020 graduated from Lisbon’s Fine Art College (FBAUL) in Art and Multimedia, a course that is known (...)

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GIovanni EYP Prortfolio 01 GM-2022-06-0759-GF003687

Border light

de Giovanni Maggiora (France)

Passionate for photography for as many as four decades by now, I believe in the camera as a tool that helps us be present in the here and now, connect (...)

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