Fotografía de moda con Sacha

Como conseguir que una situación artificial llegue a parecer natural o como capturar espontaneidad y luminosidad en la fotografia de moda


Aprender y mejorar la forma de concebir y producir una sesión de foto de moda a través la realización de una serie de moda en exterior. Esta sesión será definida con Sacha y permitirá a los participantes aprender como controlar la luz natural y la posa de modelos. Refinar el estilo fotográfico gracias a la selección del sujeto, la mejora de la reactivad frente a las condiciones aleatorias de toma de vista, el análisis de imagen y el editing.

Este taller permitirá también definir como aportar su propia creatividad en fotografía de moda.


Sacha van Dorssen nació en Holanda, en Rotterdam, donde comenzó sus estudios en la Academia de Bellas Artes de Sint Joost en Breda en 1960. En 1963, llegó a París y comenzó su carrera como fotógrafa de moda. Fue en ese momento que decidió adoptar el nombre, Sacha.

Trabajando principalmente como fotógrafa de moda durante cuatro décadas, se puede encontrar su trabajo en una gran variedad de revistas francesas y extranjeras, así como en campañas publicitarias. En 1964, al principio de su carrera parisina, Sacha era una colaboradora habitual de la revista Elle. A lo largo de los años sesenta, continuó a desarrollar su estilo en el contexto de la moda, trabajando en Inglaterra con Harpers Bazaar y la revista de The Sunday Times. En 1977, comenzó una estrecha colaboración con la revista Marie Claire que duró más de 20 años.


« Sacha Van Dorssen’s style is light and simple, focusing on the clothes and highlighting the designers’ inspiration. As most of her shootings were performed outdoors, she was often forced to adjust to unpredictable weather conditions, with the aim of “making a totally artificial situation looking natural.” She paid a great attention to the choice of her models by actively participating in castings and tried to create harmony between the model and the selected scenery rather than harsh contrasts. Each shooting was an opportunity to capture the scarce moments of spontaneity and lightness during these moments of haste and heavy work. » V.G.

May 29 - Jun 01, 2013
4 días en Paris - 850 €

- Only 9 students will be admitted for each session. Students will be granted admission to the workshop based on a review of a selection of 10 of their photographs.

- The 850€ fee does not include transport, accomodation nor on the ground expenses.

- In order to confirm your application, an advance payment of €100 is advised. Once the application is completed, PayPal will send an email to the participant in order to settle the payment. If the candidate is accepted, this amount will be deducted from the overall cost of the workshop.

- In case the participation is not confirmed, he will get a full pay back of the 100€ fee.

- If accepted, the participant will receive a course contract confirming the success of his application by email.

- To confirm registration, the participant must return this contract to us, signed, within ten days, along with payment of 30% of the cost of the workshop.

- The rest of the fee must be paid by the first day of the workshop at the latest. The participant will then receive a receipt.

- A dossier in order to get prepared for the workshop will be sent to the participant at least two weeks before the course begins.

- If you're interested in several workshops, we do offer a 15% discount on the workshop's prices.

- Successful candidates will be expected to arrive comfortable with their equipment and ready to photograph.

- Participants working digitally should bring their own laptops, and everything needed for digital editing.

- Participants working on film can use the available service laboratory (black and white) at the workshop venue, or they can use an external laboratory to develop colour film but at their own expense and within the given time.

- Participants are required to find their own accommodation in Paris. However Eyes in Progress will provide you with a list of affordable places . This also applies to places to have lunch near to the workshop venue.

- Photo books

- Projector and screen

- 1 MAC with photo editing software

- Professional A3 printer

- Negative scanner

- Photo paper

A technical assistant will be present during the workshop.

Once the class has ended:

- The portfolios produced by each participant will be published on the site of Eyes in Progress.

- An evaluation committee comprised of professional photo editors, journalists, creative directors and gallery curators will then critique these portfolios. It will be published on the student's page on Eyes in Progress.

- Video interviews in which the students discuss their work, their motivation as photographers, as well as what they learned during the master class will also be posted on the site.

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- Each participant will be awarded a certificate of completion of the course.

- The participants will be required to evaluate the course when it has been completed, to show their level of overall satisfaction and the extent of their acquisition of new skills. These evaluations will help us to improve our courses.

- There will be two rounds of applications review:

> If you apply before March 29th, 2013: successful applicants will be informed via email by April 4th, 2013.

> If you apply after March 29th, 2013: successful applicants will be informed via email by April 30th, 2013.

It is possible that the workshop is completed with the first round of applications, in that case, the second round of applications will not be processed.

Applications are open until April 29th, 2013. We're extending the deadline until May 15th...still a few spots left!!

- Eyes in Progress reserves the right to cancel groups with less than 7 participants. Students will be given either a full refund or offered a place with an alternative photographer. In the event of a cancellation, students will be given at least 3 weeks advance notice. Eyes in Progress reserves the right to change or alter the program advertised.

- If a participant decides to cancel for whatever reason, this must be confirmed in writing:

. Eyes in Progress will reimburse all the registration costs except for the €100 administrative fee, if the participant informs Eyes in Progress of cancellation at least 3 weeks before the first day of the workshop. Beyond this time limit, Eyes in Progress will charge the following:

. 50% of the cost if cancelled between 6 and 20 days before the workshop commences.

. 100% of the cost if cancelled less than 5 days before the workshop commences.

. All workshops that are commenced but not completed through the fault of the participant need to be paid in full.

- Eyes in Progress is not responsible for reimbursement of travel expenses in case a workshop is cancelled. We recommend that you buy refundable air tickets and/or travel insurance.

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