Stefan Wagner

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Stefan Wagner

Seine Summer Streets

de Stefan Wagner (Austria)

During the past year and a half our apartments felt more crowded with each passing day, as we retreated into our private spaces. Conversely, the streets emptied out. The canvas on which a city usually comes to buzzling life was suddenly blank. With immunization campaigns progressing, it will be interesting to see if public life will spring up again as fast as it was locked down.

This photographic series documents street life along the Seine river in Paris in July 2021. From solitary workouts to hanging out with friends and even street parties, the scenes capture the hopeful message that people are reclaiming their city.

Stefan Wagner (33) is from a small town in Austria but a city-dweller in his heart. As such, he enjoys documenting public street life in his photography as well as how people dedicate their time to follow their passions.

Portafolio del workshop Fotografía narrativa con Ed Kashi, Julio 2021.

Video conferencia con JENNY SMETS,
Consultora de fotografía, editora gráfica. Comisaria y educadora.

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