Shahed Sohrabi

Shahed 04
Shahed Sohrabi


de Shahed Sohrabi (Iran)

As I have always been a studio photographer specially objects, advertising and portraits, I was not comfortable with controlling the natural light for taking artistic portraits. This workshop really improved my vision to see the beauty that lies in natural light. Now I am able to control it beautifully while I’m taking portraits.I really like to take portraits that have a feeling and make the viewer stop and think. I believe photos have a lot to say rather than videos only if you can make them perfectly. You can visit my photos (Portraits, Advertising, Still life and Travel Photography) on my website and contact me via email.

Portafolio del workshop Retrato con Richard Dumas, Octubre 2015.

Visionado escrito por GABRIEL BAURET,
Comisario independiente y profesor

Este visionado es disponible en inglés y francés.Shahed 01 Shahed 02 Shahed 03 Shahed 04 Shahed 05 Shahed 06 Shahed 07 Shahed 08 Shahed 09 Shahed 10 Shahed 11 Shahed 12 Shahed 13

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