Manon Aubel

Manon Aubel


de Manon Aubel (France)

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Following Patrick Zachmann’s workshop was a great opportunity to connect back to a more intuitive and personal photographic style through very rich editing sessions. His point of view is very precise, and his career is a strong inspiration.

As a professional independent journalist, assignments are both an opportunity and a risk for visual inspiration. Although constraints are inspiring, my own photographic voice sometimes dries out, while producing pictures with strict directions.
After the workshop I understand more precisely how compositions, formats and colors are not just tools but a grammar of storytelling, which should be considered as a whole.

Portafolio del workshop Fotografía documental con Patrick Zachmann, Noviembre 2017.

Encuentro personal con DIMITRI BECK,
Director de la Fotografia, POLKA

ManonAubel_Habana1 ManonAubel_Habana2 ManonAubel_Habana3 ManonAubel_Habana4 ManonAubel_Habana5 ManonAubel_Habana6 ManonAubel_Habana7 ManonAubel_Habana8 ManonAubel_Habana9 ManonAubel_Habana10


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