Ilya Stoylar

Ilya Stoylar


de Ilya Stoylar (Estados Unidos)

I took photos of the holocaust memorial and the people there. Places like that remind us of the tradegy of war and celebration of life.
It seems like a logical choice to capture the memorial with the jewish new year Rosh Hashanah coming up.

My name is Ilya Stolyar and Photography is my passion. I love street photography. For the last few years I have been traveling around the word and taking pictures. I love learning how to become a better photographer. Thats why I’ve taken the workshop with Patrick Zachmann to learn from the best. I have been very pleased with what I’ve learned in the last few days, and hope I will use it in future.

Portafolio del workshop Fotografía documental con Patrick Zachmann, Septiembre 2016.

Video conferencia con ENRICO STEFANELLI,
Fundador y Director Artístico del Photolux Festival

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