Giovanni Maggiora

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Giovanni Maggiora

Border light

de Giovanni Maggiora (Francia)

Passionate for photography for as many as four decades by now, I believe in the camera as a tool that helps us be present in the here and now, connected to the world and people around us and to our own feelings, a precious gift when virtual worlds try to distract us from our lives.

The camera points outwards but also inwards, revealing a bit of our inner selves, of the brain and heart that point our eyes towards our subjects.

The Mediterranean Sea unites its people under the same intense sun and starry nights, in the same welcome shade of plane trees, around dinner tables that share the same flavors, banter and laughs.

So, what is a border, here? What is it that redefines shoreline neighbors as “us and them”? Or are “they” somewhere else, in faraway landlocked capitals, while “we” are here?

This series was developed along a few miles of cross-border French and Spanish coast between Collioure and Port Bou as an attempt to explore these questions, during a memorable workshop led by Todd Hido.

Portafolio del workshop Realizar una serie fotográfica con Todd Hido, Junio 2022.

Directora y cofundadora, Chose Commune

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GIovanni EYP Prortfolio 01 GM-2022-06-0759-GF003687

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