Angela Baas

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Angela Baas

'Black vest' protesters storm Panthéon in Paris

de Angela Baas (Paises Bajos)

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This headline in the media made me want to know more about the migrants in Paris.
I was very fortunate to be able to join the volunteers of Utopia 56 in their effort to help migrants living in the streets.

It was overwhelming to hear the intense stories of the guys and families I met. Being unsafe in their home country, hoping for a better life in Europe, but ending up surviving in the harsh street of the capital of France.

My pictures will be used by Utopia and I hope they will be a small contribution to a better situation for Satar, Abdullah, Sahid, Inam, Sherouz and all the other lovely people I met.

Portafolio del workshop Fotografía narrativa con Ed Kashi, Julio 2019.

Encuentro personal con JENNY SMETS,
Editora gráfica para la revista Vrij Nederland, entrenadora World Press Photo y comisario independiente

1. Angela Baas Photography-0915

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