Illustration Mentor


Fotografo, Miembro de la Agencia Vu' y de la galeria In Camera

Francia, Paris
Francés, Inglés, Español

Claudine Doury es una fotógrafa francesa que vive y trabaja en París. Después de haber sido editora de fotografía en París para la agencia Gamma y para el periódico Libération y luego en Nueva York para la agencia Contact Press Images, se convirtió en fotógrafa independiente. Es miembro de la Agence Vu y está representada por la Galerie In Camera en París.



«I have really enjoyed working with Claudine and am very glad to have the opportunity. Living in an extremely rural location it is very hard for me to make connections and interact with other photographers. I am not sure how it would compare to the face to face reviews and workshops offered at various festivals but for someone who doesn’t have easy access to those events it offers a very useful alternative.

One of the things I enjoyed most was meeting Claudine. She is talented, intelligent, witty and able to get her own experience across to others. Anyone that has taught I think will agree that that is the true challenge. Being able to work with someone so involved in and passionate about photography was exactly what I needed. She very quickly brought a level of clarity to a body of work I have been struggling with. This has enabled me to see for myself what I think is missing from the project, begin pushing it farther and taking more chances.

I have had two meetings with Claudine so far. Both have been online through Skype. In each she has gone out of her way to be prepared and maximize the time we had together. The mentoring service offered by Eyes in Progress reminds me of something a friend of mine once said; that you can start anything in isolation but you do not really develop until you step out of that. Meeting with Claudine has allowed me to take that step forward. The project may be becoming something different than I imagined but at the same time something much closer to what I wanted.» Philip LePage,



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