The 360° Photography Webinar with Eyes in Progress x 1968

Know all there is to know about the photography market & the editing process

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nineteensixtyeight is a photography platform supporting an international group of emerging artists, offering mentoring sessions to photographers working at a variety of levels, producing original written and visual content, curating exhibitions and creative projects, cultivating cultural partnerships, and selling limited edition prints.

Eyes in Progress has been offering its own unique mentoring service for the last four years, which connects photographers with experts such as curators, gallery directors, editors, artistic directors, and publishers to get feedback on their work, edit their images and improve their general approach on photography.

Led by Isabella Brancolini and Elizabeth Breiner of nineteensixtyeight, this webinar seeks to draw on the combined experience of the two platforms, touching upon common questions that have arisen within mentoring sessions over the last several years. The webinar may touch upon topics such as editioning considerations, navigating printing costs, balancing commercial and artistic identities, and more. We will ask photographers to submit questions during registration that we will aim to answer where possible over the course of the webinar.


Isabella Brancolini is an Art & Business Advisor and the founder of nineteensixtyeight.

She has over two decades’ experience in the industry, building and bringing together an expansive international network of artists, clients and professional. She has co-founded Brancolini Grimaldi galleries and curated a diverse program of exhibitions and cultural events. She has collaborated with top museums and institutions and advised both private and corporate collections. She has participated in and produced presentations for major international art fairs; has a strong understanding of the art market and is skilled at advising artists on sizing, editions and pricing, with a particular focus on conceiving and producing sophisticated, highly marketable limited edition portfolios and books.


Elizabeth Breiner is a writer and curator, and co-founder of the photography platform nineteensixtyeight.

She currently assists on a Media Studies program based out of Goldsmiths University in London, and has worked previously for Fotoura / The International Street Photography Awards, Showcase, the London Photography Diary, and the London Festival of Photography, in addition to writing on a freelance basis for a range of publications, collaborating on artist books, and serving as a competition judge and portfolio reviewer. Her latest curatorial project was The Criminal Type, an exhibition and event program held at apexart in New York.


Topics to be covered (when applying, YOU also tell US what you want to know):

Process of applying to different awards, grants
How to choose edit
How to define scope of project or clearly define intentions
How to cater to particular institution

Questions of photographic printing and mounting
Considering how to avoid high production costs as early career artists
Printing advice
Framing advice, resources - best type of glass for certain kinds of prints, when to use passepartout / white border

Editioning, sizing, pricing prints
Considering tendency among early career artists to create too-small editions
Creating editions with multiple sizes

Self-promotion online and value of other forms of representation for elevating profile
How to balance presentation of artistic and commercial identities
How to curate website vs social media for best immediate impact

Value of other forms of artistic representation
How to understand the changing state of galleries as market leaders
How to navigate multiple forms of representation

Advice on creating portfolios and photo-books

Mar 19 - Mar 19, 2020
1 days in Online - Free! €
Early Bird €
before Jan. 01st

- Participants are invited to fill in all fields in the application form. It will allow the speakers to know better their audience and be as close as possible to their expectations.
- A good internet connection is required in order to properly follow the webinar.
- Applications can be done until the last moment but the speakers will only consider precise questions (submitted via the application form) of participants who applied at least one week before the webinar.