Stefano Parenti

Stefano Parenti

Street photography

by Stefano Parenti (Italy)

My name is Stefano Parenti and I live in Italy. I started my serious interest on photography in December 2009. I like street photography and I would like to apply on that specific area in my photographic research and work. I actually have two street photography projects running, one based in Paris and the other in Venice, Italy.

My Workshop Portfolio is based on street photography. All the images are unposed. I shoot some photos in Paris during Workshop days and other photos are from my running project in Venice.

Portfolio from the Documentaire workshop with Patrick Zachmann, October 2012.

Written review by PAULINE VERMARE,
Associate Curator, International Center of Photography

It seems to me that Stefano is in the process of discovering ways to convey his inner thoughts while establishing his own visual language. This process is visible, touching, and promising. The technics and the focus on the subject matters are still a little fragile at this stage, but Stefano is obviously eager to observe the lives unfolding around him – and this is wonderful in itself. I can decipher overall trends: for instance, I see that he is interested in the visual contrast between stillness and motion in everyday life. Also, Stefano seems drawn to the poetry of the lonely woman – or the isolated priest… - in the city.

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