Sabine Kohler

Sabine Kohler

Bio-dynamic farming

by Sabine Kohler (Austria)

At the moment I am working on the routes of Rudolf Steiner – his ideas on education and his ideas of agriculture. The bio-dynamic farming subject is my work in progress and so I thought that to photograph biological agriculture in a big city like Paris could be interesting. For the workshop I chose a rooftop garden in the 20 arr. It is a great project because there is the possibility for people to get to work together with others and find a great communication place as well as the chance being part of a “growing” thing.

Portfolio from the News Photography workshop with David Burnett, June 2014.

Personal meeting with ANDREAS J. HIRSCH,
Independent curator, writer and photographer

" The review was so great - interesting and... much more. Andreas is very very nice and was so helpful and interested and told me so many things, so many aspects I have not even heard before. "

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