Rasha Abdelmalek

Rasha Abdelmalek

Surfacing dreams

by Rasha Abdelmalek (Egypt)

“Surfacing dreams“ “Visage et rêves” or we can name it after the long term project in the shadow of lost dreams.

This Portfolio is about capturing portraits of young people while they are talking about their dreams, it gives them a different dimension when they are caught in the moment. How their faces light up, how their expressions reveal a little part of their character. The idea is not only visual, it’s also an effort to capture a pattern or a link between our dreams, how do we define it, do we really believe in them? Can you actually live it? Or does it have to be impossible to achieve?

Portfolio from the Visual Storytelling for Impact and Meaning workshop with Ed Kashi, November 2018.

Video conference with CLAUDINE DOURY,
Photographer, Member of Vu' Agency and gallery In Camera


Yanma: I am not sure but if the picture would help…(Paris)


Lea: Do I have to answer? (Lille)


Lucas: A dream has to be something impossible to achieve like I want to fly or even better breath underwater for as long as I can. If I can do this, everything will be possible. (Paris)


Yakouste: That should take 2 minutes, you know what? I donno… (Paris)

I want to be the new Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci, not the same style but... Rajeeb from Bangladesh
I want to be the new Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci, not the same style but... Rajeeb from Bangladesh


Raphael: I want to be a painter… (Paris)


Lina: I hope the revolution (against Bashar) succeeds in Syria, then I can go back home. (Paris)


Juliette: I need time to think… (Paris)

I am gonna be a president...
I am gonna be a president...


Angele: I’ve a lot of dreams like I want to travel a lot, live somewhere else to experience a new culture, have kids, change the world of fashion…(Paris)


Varvara: I hope I can make it in the world of “Art”. (Saint Petersburg, Russia)


Alex: To make it as a “Drag” performance artist when I am back in New York. (New York, USA)


Lucie: I will do this as a “pay it forward” gesture, cause I am a photographer too. I wouldn’t want people to refuse to help… (Paris)

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