Pedram Shokouhi Curiel

Pedram Shokouhi Curiel


by Pedram Shokouhi Curiel (USA)

Based in NYC I´m self-taught street photographer. My main interest is finding the human connection in my photographs. Photography for me is a hobby and therapy, a perfect connection to my subconscious. I love to capture candid moments, playing with light and seeing things in different perspectives.

In this work I’m trying to capture everyday moments that Chinatown offers in a limited time and extreme weather conditions and combine those with some older photos in the same neighborhood. No matter what, Chinatown in NYC is always busy and energetic, even at -15c.

Portfolio from the Visual Storytelling workshop with Ed Kashi, December 2017.

Personal meeting with ELISABETH BIONDI,
Visuals Editor and Independent Curator

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