Ola Billmont

Ola Billmont

Super Public Bath

by Ola Billmont (Sweden)

I’ve always considered myself as a people person and my curiosity of people made pick up a camera half a decade ago and start photographing. My focus is to make photographic series with medium, and large format cameras. 

I have done solo shows and has been included in numerous exhibitions and publications both local and international. I have also been featured and interviewed by publications both in print and online.

Portfolio from the Produce a photographic series workshop with Alec Soth, June 2018.

Personal meeting with ANN-CHRISTIN BERTRAND,
Curator at C/O Berlin and head of C/O Berlin Talents program

Soth - Soth-1 Soth-2 Soth-3 Soth-4 Soth-5 Soth-6 Soth-7 Soth-8 Soth-9 Soth-10 Soth-11 Soth-12 Soth-13 Soth-14 Soth-15 Soth-16 Soth-17 Soth-18 Soth-19 Soth-20 Soth-21 Soth-22 Soth-23

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