Nicolás Jaramillo

Amsterdam’s Working Class-1
Nicolás Jaramillo

Amsterdam's working class

by Nicolás Jaramillo (Portugal)

Nicolás Jaramillo is a photographer originally from Colombia and currently based in Portugal. After more than a decade in the finance industry, he has decided to take a turn in life to pursue his passion for photography. He believes in the power of visual storytelling to open up the debate for pressing matters in our society, and thus in the power of photojournalism as a tool to make a change. At an early stage of his career, Nicolás has been shaping his style from a wildlife and landscape focus into a more photojournalistic angle.

This series aims to bring attention to the hard working class of the streets in Amsterdam. Right after landing, I was struck by the amount of works going on around the city center. I decided to follow these ‘army’ of bright colored jackets around to soon realize the level of effort required to keep the city up and running every day. They would start their day before sunlight to clean, supply, and construct, always rushing, and working non-stop until the end of the day.

With this series I wanted to capture such hard work, the worker’s intensity, as well as the relationship between this working class and the locals’ daily life.

Portfolio from the Developing A Visual Narrative in Street Photography workshop with Ed Kashi, October 2023.

Video conference with CHRISTIAN GOGOLIN,
Senior Photo Editor, GEO magazine Germany

Amsterdam’s Working Class-1

Amsterdam’s Working Class-2

Amsterdam’s Working Class-3

Amsterdam’s Working Class-4

Amsterdam’s Working Class-5

Amsterdam’s Working Class-6

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Amsterdam’s Working Class-8

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