Netty Richards

Netty Richards

Through The Looking Glass

by Netty Richards (New Zealand)

Netty Richards is a professional visual storyteller from New Zealand, known for her dedication to exploring intricate aspects within the socio-geopolitical landscape and highlighting underreported human stories and experiences. She also has a background as a humanitarian and nature society geographer with a profound passion for people and places. Since 2013, she has been following a personal story related to women and girls living in remote mountainous areas throughout the Hindu Kush Himalaya, dealing with the challenges of providing food, raising children, and earning income amidst the impacts of climate change. She has made 12 trips to India and Nepal in the last ten years to document these experiences. Through her narratives, she aims to initiate meaningful conversations and ultimately drive positive societal change. Her storytelling transcends borders, uniting people from various backgrounds.

Portfolio from the Developing A Visual Narrative in Street Photography workshop with Ed Kashi, October 2023.

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