Marion Brochart

Marion Brochart


by Marion Brochart (France)

One of the things I love of being my own boss as a photographer is to choose my own assignment. I get to portrait whoever and whatever I feel passionate and curious about.

I am concerned about the migrants crisis happening in now. I heard about the website “sursaut citoyen” (peoples’s burst) to learn about (and get involved in) different initiatives to help out migrants. I got hooked by two associations “Eat&Meet Bus” and “Le BaBa”. Both of them choose cooking as a mean to get to know one another further. They’re empowering migrants to feel confident and surrounded while empowering French citizen to get curious and knowledgeable about the people concerned by the ongoing crisis.

Portfolio from the Documentary Photography workshop with Patrick Zachmann, November 2017.

Video conference with ED KASHI,
Photographer, Member of VII Photo Agency

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