Luisa Hübner

Luisa Hübner


by Luisa Hübner (Austria)

“Ding” (engl.: Thing) means for me “something in between”. Thus the title for my project reflects the medium as well as the mood of my images. The images are “something in between” photography and paintings. I tried to picture an abstract and surreal world in my photographs, which sometimes seems to be seen from a phantasmal perspective.

Portfolio from the Visual poetry workshop with Rinko Kawauchi, July 2014.

Personal meeting with ANDREAS J. HIRSCH,
Independent curator, writer and photographer

This review took place in a personal meeting in Vienna.

"The face-to-face portfolio review with Andreas Hirsch was very inspiring - He gave me detailled feedback about my photographs and about my book. His resume was: Continue working and go deeper in introspective photography. He also gave me some tips how to further develop my work (e.g. work more with people etc.) – That’s was the most important part for me."

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