Jonas Widhe

Jonas Widhe

Introspective photography

by Jonas Widhe (Sweden)

I am a photographer from Stockholm, Sweden. Photography for me is a way to be more perceptive, confront fear and embrace passion. When I first started it was all very simple. I was seven and took snapshots of what I saw and the things i liked. A new red jacket which pocket on the inside. Things. Dogs. Above all, dogs. Especially two afghan dogs that I loved, one black, one yellow. There are several pictures of those and other dogs where I have cut off the owner’s head. I guess I focused on what I thought was important.

Portfolio from the Introspective Photography workshop with Michael Ackerman, June 2014.

Personal meeting with ANN-CHRISTIN BERTRAND,
Curator at C/O Berlin and head of C/O Berlin Talents program

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