Jeanne Delécluse

Jeanne Delécluse

Deer to me

by Jeanne Delécluse (France)

Born in 1979 in south of France, Jeanne Delécluse lives and works in Toulouse. She photographs poetry of life, to simply share it.
In this serie, I choose to work about lonelyness and being single, looking for the Other. I’ve chosen to photograph him, and integrate him in my walks. He becomes my landscape. He is any man, and looks for me. I’ve chosen to write him a letter : “Deer to me”.

Deer to me. Like a presence on my walks, your silhouette persists. Dear stranger, I’m looking for you, never saw you, or recognized you. You are deer to me. Find me. Your Doe.

Portfolio from the The sensitive eye workshop with Claudine Doury, February 2015.

Video conference with ENRICO STEFANELLI,
Founder and Artistic Director of Photolux Festival

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