Jamiya Wilson

Jamiya Wilson


by Jamiya Wilson (USA)

Where would I be without photography? As cliche as it sounds, photography saved my life. It gave me a destination when I had no direction. The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. As a young impressional man, I wanted to see the world, meet people of other cultures, fall in love, create art, and build a legacy for myself. It gave me that and continues to give in abundance. It put me on a journey that I can only describe as an adventure.
It’s no wonder that people are at the center of my work. I love learning about, talking to, and getting to know people. What makes them happy, what makes them sad, what are their dreams, what do they want out of life? I hope with my work I reveal something honest and real about the person. Whether it be them looking their best or just sharing a real emotion in front of the camera. We only connect for brief moments, but I never forget them.
I’d like my work to be a beautiful, compelling record of what once was.

This series, Honesty, is a collection of eight images of people who I met as strangers who were kind enough to share something honest, personal, or sensitive with their expression in front of the camera. I didn’t overly direct them, but simply had a conversation, got to know them, and I think they felt comfortable enough to show, maybe a side they don’t often show to the world. We all hide behind the mask of happiness. I hope this series reminds
people that it’s okay to remove the mask sometimes.

Portfolio from the Portrait workshop with Richard Dumas, June 2024.

Personal meeting with ELISABETH BIONDI,
Visuals Editor and Independent Curator

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