Ivan Kardashev

Ivan Kardashev

Waves come to see that they are water

by Ivan Kardashev (Russia)

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This is a story of changes I’ve been going through over the last few years. More poetic rather than literal — the story of fear, complete darkness, attempts of freedom but also of beauty and tenderness to the world and most importantly, of love. Its characters are my friends and my loved ones, my city and my lake, my parents and myself. Regardless this series’s intimate character it speaks about something we all share. It’s still hard to put it into right words, but the series rather reflects upon something the pho tographs don’t show – the way we all experience changes.

Portfolio from the Introspective Photography workshop with Michael Ackerman, September 2019.

Video conference withCLAUDINE DOURY,
Photographer, Member of Vu' Agency and Galerie Particulière

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