Guillermo Velasquez

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Guillermo Velasquez


by Guillermo Velasquez (United States)

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I spend a lot of time thinking about how mobile phones and social media have shaped our behavior. Particularly, how we view ourselves and how we try to project that to the outside world. For this portrait series, I decided to represent a subtle behavior that virtually everyone engages in: the moments we video call someone before they actually pick up.

Particularly, when we are playing the dating game, and we are looking in front of that black mirror to ensure the person on the other end of the line will see us as seductive, happy, sad, or angry. I combined these “FaceTime” portraits with traditional shots of the models flanked by brick walls to evoke the urban settings where many of us spend our time calling and yearning for lovers, fuckboys, playboys, and online dates.

Portfolio from the Portrait workshop with Richard Dumas, May 2020.

Personal meeting withLAURE BOUVET,
Art Buyer and photographers' coach

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