Emilie Marchandise

Emilie Marchandise_2016mai_0001
Emilie Marchandise

We are family

by Emilie Marchandise (Belgium)

“We are family” is a series of photographs that shows strong family ties in an Algerian wedding. The couple Momo and Shera have 4 children and  have invited their family and some friends for the their wedding at the town hall followed by an Indian restaurant. All generations are present for this festive day. The pictures capture true moments of complicity between the members of this family.

Portfolio from the Wedding Photojournalism workshop with Franck Boutonnet, May 2016.

Video conference with JENNY SMETS,
Photography consultant, photo editor. Curator and educator.

Emilie Marchandise_2016mai_0001

Emilie Marchandise_2016mai_0002

Emilie Marchandise_2016mai_0003

Emilie Marchandise_2016mai_0004

Emilie Marchandise_2016mai_0005

Emilie Marchandise_2016mai_0006

Emilie Marchandise_2016mai_0007

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