Dalia Mikonyte

Dalia Mikonyte

Berlin based hints

by Dalia Mikonyte (Lithuania)

I am Dalia Mikonytė – an artist and researcher, member of artists group Coolturistes and The Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association (LeTMeKoo). From 2014 – owner of an artist status of the Republic of Lithuania. My work focuses on intimate space and time, personal experiences, female identity and its representation, signs and reality, feminism. My interests and inspirations balance between history and contemporary art, among theory and sentiment.

Portfolio from the Introspective Photography workshop with Michael Ackerman, July 2017.

Written review by VALERIE CAZIN,
Founder and director of Galerie Binome

Este visionado es disponible en inglés.

Dalia_MIkonyte1 Dalia_MIkonyte2 Dalia_MIkonyte3 Dalia_Mikonyte4 Dalia_Mikonyte5 Dalia_Mikonyte6 Dalia_Mikonyte7 Dalia_Mikonyte8 Dalia_Mikonyte9 Dalia_Mikonyte10 Dalia_Mikonyte11 Dalia_Mikonyte12 Dalia_Mikonyte13 Dalia_Mikonyte14

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