Dagmara Bojenko

Eredi-Dagmara Bojenko-1
Dagmara Bojenko

Eredi *

by Dagmara Bojenko (France)

Joseph leaves Alger in 1962 without having had time to pack a suitcase.

A few months earlier, he sends his wife and 3 kids, including his son Victor, to France, because Algeria’s political situation worries him. The Lucido family has been living in Algeria for several generations and Joseph hopes that they can stay, however the declaration of independence of the country changes everything. From one day to the next, he must leave, he takes his boat and heads to France. He chooses the city of Port-Vendres in the South due to its already pre-existing economic relationship with Algeria.

Portfolio from the Produce a photographic series workshop with Claudine Doury, May 2018.

Video conference with ED KASHI,
Photographer, Member of VII Photo Agency

Eredi-Dagmara Bojenko-1

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