Constance Decorde

Iqrit: Going back home
Constance Decorde

Iqrit : going back home & Le jardin sur le toit

by Constance Decorde (France)

Freelance photojournalist since 3 years, I am more interested in stories of uprooted people struggling for their identities. My work is mainly made of reportages I have been covering abroad in conflict areas. (DRCongo, Myanmar, Israël/Palestine, Liberia..). I am part of SIPA press since 2015.

« Iqrit : going back home » is about the fight of the Iqrit community through 3 generations, to return to their home village from which they were ousted in 1948 when the state of Israël was created. Eventhough there was an historic ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice of Israel in 1951 granting them the right to return, they are today still fighting to implement this decision, and are only allowed to celebrate masses at the church and funerals at the cemetery. Today, counting 1500 persons, all of them Christians, Iqrit’s community’ struggle is also directly on the ground with about 20 youngs living permanently in the village, despite Israel’s ban. This reportage was done between April 2014 and March 2015.

Portfolio from the Documentary workshop with Patrick Zachmann, September 2015.

Personal meeting with DAPHNE ANGLES,
European photo coordinator The New York Times, France/USA

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