Christi Wijnen

01 portfolio Christi
Christi Wijnen


by Christi Wijnen (The Netherlands)

My name is Christi Wijnen, living and working in the Netherlands.
With my pictures I like to tell a story. Sometimes through chance encounters, streetphotos or documentary series. Usually I photograph people and I like to make real contact, even if it is only for the duration of one nod and one click. Apart from this personal work I work for an estate agent, photographing houses which also gives me an opportunity to get a glimpse in people’s lives and stories.

For this workshop I planned to record the life and story of the local priest. When this project was cancelled due to travel plans I decided to just let it happen; no plan, no project and just be fluid about things crossing my path. This resulted in this series ‘Borderline’; being literally in the border area of two countries, a place of refuge in time of war. But also a place of crossing lines and feeling oddities, with the mountains being evidence and testimony. For the first time and at first sight there are no people in these pictures, but they are there, if you watch closely and take the time.

My photography will stay in sync with my own path in life. By continuing to develop I will see better and better and keep on being amazed. There is a whole world out there, open to be discovered.

Portfolio from the Produce a photographic series workshop with Todd Hido, June 2022.

Personal meeting with JENNY SMETS,
Photography consultant, photo editor. Curator and educator.

00 portfolio Christi

01 portfolio Christi

02 portfolio Christi

03 portfolio Christi

04 portfolio Christi

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06 portfolio Christi

07 portfolio Christi

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