Braem Nynke

Braem Nynke

¿El camino a dónde?

by Braem Nynke (Belgium)

I have named these series of pictures ¿El camino a dónde? Because they are all coming from different series I have made and I am very in search of the way I want to go with photography and what I actually want to tell people trough my images. The last years I couldn’t/didn’t take enough time to develop, explore, watch, learn,… I mainly took pictures in command and for work… I want to change that now. (The second picture is from the series I made during the workshop with A. Petersen. Series was about all the different people passing in the park nearby.)

Portfolio from the Intuitive Photography workshop with Anders Petersen, May 2015.

Written review by MARTA DAHÓ,
Independent curator and teacher of History of photography

This review is available in spanish.

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