André Novais

André Novais

Visual storytelling

by André Novais (The Netherlands)

Born in Lisboa and (for the moment) based in Amsterdam. My vision is about documenting Human condition, to be allowed in someone’s life and be able to photograph and share personal moments, i live the same way i photograph… Ed Kashi referred to some of my work as kind, gentle and serene. And I’m at peace there… Light, form, geometry are the base and the perspective is Human.

Portfolio from the Visual storytelling workshop with Ed Kashi, April 2015.

Personal meeting with JENNY SMETS,
Photography consultant, photo editor. Curator and educator.

This review was done during a personal meeting in Amsterdam.

“We spoke for about two hours, and she took her time to look at each photo,saying what she liked and what i could improve, We spoke about how amazing Human being,Ed Kashi is and i told her that Ed was the main reason why i chose to do the Workshop in Barcelona, She advised me to improve my photoshop skills and try color, even if she loves ,like i do,black and white, Also sugested that i should atend photography seminars and get involved in the photography circuit,to look for stories and inspiration, In the conversation, also come up the possibilty of trying to get subsidies,im going to try to learn how can i get there,im terrible at this Jenny,is amazing,and listening to her advice and feedback motivate me to pursuit the dream and turn it into a plan,and above all improve myself, One thing i enjoyed,was her sugestion of trying square format for portraits,in digital, and i love it,because i still use a medium format camera from the 1950 and i love the format While we were talking Kadir van lohuizen called Jenny, and that was amazing I admire is work, which i got to know threw a very special person,funny is that two days before i found one book of Kadir on the street. In the end,she told me that my photography touched her heart, and that is the most amazing compliment i could receive from someone like Jenny, I learned photography on my own, and i always felt it comes from my heart,and it works like meditation to me, a way of reaching out and be myself,so you can imagine what a big smile i had afterwards”. André Novais.

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