Ana Rivas

Ana Rivas

My name is Ana Rivas and I am an amateur photographer, i.e. passionate about Photography.

I started practicing photography a few years ago, just because I needed a hobby at certain point of my life. I made some photographic travels to several countries in Africa and Asia, and I realized that I could contribute to highlight some situations with my photography, e.g. children living in the streets, child labour, etc.

I decided to be better with my photography and I decided to improve my postproduction skills, in both color and bnw. I also started being trained by good documentary photographers, e.g. Patrick Zachmann and now Ed Kashi, and also by street photographers, e.g. Alan Schaller or Marcelo Caballero, which is a field I got interested as well.

I came to NYC for the first time to participate in this workshop with Ed Kashi specifically. I really appreciate the stories an experiences from his professional life he has shared with us. It has been very inspiring.

Portfolio from the Visual Storytelling workshop with Ed Kashi, December 2017.

Personal meeting with CHRISTIAN GOGOLIN,
Senior Photo Editor, GEO magazine Germany

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