Ana Rivas

Ana Rivas

Time has passed by

by Ana Rivas (Spain)

I am a passionate amateur photographer, and did join this workshop with Patrick because I wanted to learn how to tell my photo stories better. I am sure that it will be a turning point in my photo works.
Actually, I did changed the topic of my project slightly. From the very beginning, I wished to photograph the elders, particularly the effects of the Spanish economic malaise on their condition. To start with my project, I visited the elder residence ‘Ramon Berenguer’ in Santa Coloma, Barcelona. There, I did find directly on the walls of  the main entrance, many pictures from the elder, when they were much younger, that were facilitated by their families.
I had the chance to witness several very emotional moments, when the residents were confronted with their old pictures. It was so touching that I did decide to change the topic. The title of my project is ‘Time has passed by’.

Portfolio from the Documentary Photography workshop with Patrick Zachmann, June 2017.

Video conference with DARIA BONERA,
Photo Agency Director, DB

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