Alexandre Buisse

Alexandre Buisse

Wild concrete

by Alexandre Buisse (France)

Having lived for the past five years in a small mountain village, and spending most of my time traveling to some of the wildest places on the planet, arriving in the centre of a huge urban area like Paris can be akin to a culture shock. Surrounded by concrete, steel and noise, my first reflex is always to go seek the parks and the few areas of nature or carefully controlled wilderness that can be found.

This project explores the place of nature in large urban centres, and how city dwellers find ways to add green in a predominantly grey environment, visiting manucured but fenced off parks, community gardens on rooftops and wild sprouts growing through the city pavement.

Portfolio from the The Creative Eye workshop with David Burnett, April 2016.

Personal meeting with DAPHNE ANGLES,
European photo coordinator The New York Times, France/USA

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