Alexandra Enache

Alexandra Enache

Learning to see

by Alexandra Enache (France)

“Je dors à peine, je mange à peine, je vis à peine. Je fais tout avec la peine.” As a freelance photographer, I decided to seek out undocumented migrants as my first project in France. Living in plain sight underneath the metro station at La Chapelle the public barely takes notice of their existence. They are in their twenties, they come from Eritrea, Sudan, Syria and Nigeria. Against all odds they escaped and survived the long road to Europe. Accompanied by my colleague Till, I shared one day in their lives between two speedways. I am more than determined to continue this project, to retain their dignity our world has taken them.

Portfolio from the Learning to see workshop with Chris Morris, November 2014.

Personal meeting with DAPHNE ANGLES,
European photo coordinator The New York Times, France/USA

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