Aimee Haak

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Aimee Haak

Letting Go With Grace

by Aimee Haak (Spain)

A mother ́s journey is profound and a daughter ́s journey becomes profound. It ́s a tight rope walk balancing attachment and letting go. It ́s the wedding day of the girl whom you had given birth and it ́s the day that you either let go with grace or suffer loss. A mother ́s hope is that her daughter has found true love – yet all mother ́s know the struggles that accompany true love. With this in mind, the stage is set for the wedding day and the mother ́s journey deepens. The direction of the journey on the tight rope becomes a mother ́s choice – to hold tight or to let go. We can only wish that every mother finds wisdom and courage on her daughter ́s wedding day.

Portfolio from the Wedding Photojournalism workshop with Franck Boutonnet, May 2016.

Video conference with CORINE HAMEL,
Photo editor at Marie Claire, France

"I've just been with Corine Hamel for the past hour on Skype and she reviewed my website, fashion blog and the series for EIP.  Absolutely insightful and fantastic."  Aimee Haak

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