Illustration Mentor


Founder and director of Galerie Binome

France, Paris
French, English

Director Valerie Cazin has managed Galerie Binome since its launch in 2010. Located at the heart of Paris’ famed Marais historic art district just steps away from the Maison européenne de la photographie (MEP), Galerie Binome has quickly grown into a most notable programming and presentation space of contemporary photography at the forefront of its many evolutions both in France and internationally.

Valérie Cazin was a former jurist in private law, specialized in copyright. After following courses in scenography – at the Louvres museum – and in visual history – at the Jeu de Paume, she devotes herself to photography and its developments on the art market. In parallel she is today a regular reviewer at major photography festivals such as Rencontres d’Arles, Festival Circulations and Voies Off while also jurying for The Boutougraphies (President of the Jury 2017), Fotofilmic (CA), the Bourse du Talent and Les Nuits Photographiques competitions and sitting on several national photography & design school graduation committees. In 2023, she is nominated in the selection committee of Paris Photo.



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- Deadlines:
There is a delay of 3 days between the date we receive the photographer’s application and the date we are able to confirm or not the session with the Mentor.

- Payment:
Right after submitting his application throughout the Eyes in Progress’s website, the photographer is invited to pay the full stated price (via an email sent from PayZen credit card payment platform).
Applications can only be processed after receiving the full payment.

- Feedback/Testimonies:
Eyes in Progress will contact the photographer once the session is done in order to ask for his feedback.

- If the Mentor is not available and the photographer chooses to cancel the process, the photographer will receive a full refund in the delay of 3 days after the photographer sends his bank details to Eyes in Progress (IBAN and BIC/ SWIFT code).

- If the photographer decides to cancel for whatever reasons after the Mentor has agreed to the session, Eyes in Progress will reimburse 50% of the paid price.