Illustration Mentor


Photography consultant

France, Douarnenez
French, English

A graduate of Literature (Literature preparatory classes), Pascal Philippe has built up a wealth of personal and professional experience in two modes: that of a man of letters and that of a man of image. As a young journalist, he began producing supplements for Le Monde diplomatique.
He then joined Courrier international (the paper was in its infancy) as Copy Editor. He later took the initiative of creating and developing the Photo Department dedicated to the weekly paper and its special issues, bringing together under his responsibility a talented team of Picture Editors. The title became renowned for the emblematic quality of its large portfolios and covers, which won several awards. During this same period, Pascal Philippe spent six years tutoring and lecturing students at the ESAG-Penninghen art school on his approach to image.
Familiar with the media, well-versed in teaching and photography, he now advices and guides photographers on their projects.
His work is based on a reasoned reading of images, where the geometry of the moment and human proximity come together to define and capture the vision, both concept and reality.

So, since 2018 and after a three-year collaboration with Vu Éducation, he has been able to deepen and broaden his field of research by developing his personal teaching practice combined with project support; by setting up his own group workshops or working in a one-to-one relationship with the photographers as artists. The goal may then be to successfully obtain prizes, grants, or residencies…
More concretely, and perhaps more fundamentally, the aim of his support is to gain an intimate knowledge of personal photographic approach and choices, to be better able to put them into space – and in their own narrative. Pascal Philippe’s approach is based on the quest for a vision that is specific and particular to each individual, in his or her dialogue with photography: its history, its visible present, its sensitive depth.

Crédit Simon Jourdan

- Deadlines:
There is a delay of 3 days between the date we receive the photographer’s application and the date we are able to confirm or not the session with the Mentor.

- Payment:
Right after submitting his application throughout the Eyes in Progress’s website, the photographer is invited to pay the full stated price (via an email sent from PayZen credit card payment platform).
Applications can only be processed after receiving the full payment.

- Feedback/Testimonies:
Eyes in Progress will contact the photographer once the session is done in order to ask for his feedback.

- If the Mentor is not available and the photographer chooses to cancel the process, the photographer will receive a full refund in the delay of 3 days after the photographer sends his bank details to Eyes in Progress (IBAN and BIC/ SWIFT code).

- If the photographer decides to cancel for whatever reasons after the Mentor has agreed to the session, Eyes in Progress will reimburse 50% of the paid price.