Illustration Mentor


Photographer, Member of VII Photo Agency

USA, New-York City

I TAKE ON ISSUES that stir my passions about the state of humanity and our world, and I deeply believe in the power of still images to change people’s minds. I’m driven by this fact; that the work of photojournalists and documentary photographers can have a positive impact on the world. The access people give to their lives is precious as well as imperative for this important work to get done. Their openness brings with it a tremendous sense of responsibility to tell the truth but to also honor their stories.



« I recently did an editing session with Ed Kashi. We worked on a specific project I had been shooting the past months and I did appreciate the fact that when we started the session, Ed already had looked into my project and had an opinion about it.
He told me which images he thought was stronger but we mostly talked about the context of the project, why I was doing it and how I should be working on it in the future. Ed told me things that really triggered in my mind and gave to my project a whole new dimension I had not considered before. He helped me develop it from a classic photo-journalistic reportage to a real multimedia documentary project. » Erol Gurian


Portraits of Ed Kashi on July 25, 2013 in Montclair, NJ.

- Deadlines:
There is a delay of 3 days between the date we receive the photographer’s application and the date we are able to confirm or not the session with the Mentor.

- Payment:
Right after submitting his application throughout the Eyes in Progress’s website, the photographer is invited to pay the full stated price (via an email sent from PayZen credit card payment platform).
Applications can only be processed after receiving the full payment.

- Feedback/Testimonies:
Eyes in Progress will contact the photographer once the session is done in order to ask for his feedback.

- If the Mentor is not available and the photographer chooses to cancel the process, the photographer will receive a full refund in the delay of 3 days after the photographer sends his bank details to Eyes in Progress (IBAN and BIC/ SWIFT code).

- If the photographer decides to cancel for whatever reasons after the Mentor has agreed to the session, Eyes in Progress will reimburse 50% of the paid price.